Among the goals of ODIPY is the standardization of the provision of health services and the care of patients, based on their needs, with the use of digital applications. The team of experts of the ODIPY and the Ministry of Health who traveled to Bari, Italy, were informed about the possibility of using telemedicine services and the introduction of new modern digital tools. As part of the CoofHea2 project and the close cooperation of the two countries in the health sector, the Greek delegation traveled on April 27-28, 2023, to Bari, Italy. There they visited the Breast Unit of the Perino Hospital, where there was a demonstration of the Italian telemedicine platform COReHealthPass, which operates as a pilot in some hospitals of the Puglia Region. They had the opportunity to see in real time how physicians and patients benefit from the platform through the wireless and remote connection of medical equipment and machines such as cardiographs, blood pressure monitors, etc. The platform allows the automatic collection and storage of measurements, enables the uploading of medical examinations, medical prescriptions and other related files both by health professionals and by the patients themselves, as well as the scheduling of appointments, live or remotely. The benefits of such a telemedicine services platform in the daily life of patients are obvious, as a complete electronic patient file is created that can be accessed online at any time. Furthermore, the utilization of these data can support both medical research and the improvement of the services provided.

The Greek delegation consisted of the representatives of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Herodotos Vamvourelis, Coordinator of the project on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Deputy Director of the "Evangelismos" Hospital and Mrs. Elpida Kyriakou, Director of Information Technology of the Ministry of Health of Attica, Advisor to the General Secretariat of Health Services. ODIPY was represented by medical experts led by Mr. Charalambos Gogos, Emeritus Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and Mrs. Karolina Akinosoglou, Assoc. Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases of the University General Hospital of Patras, accompanied by Mr. Angelos Rigopoulos resident physician and Mr. Georgios Schinas physician and scientific associate of the University General Hospital of Patras, the lawyer and Data Protection Officer Georgios Dalakos and the Digital expert Sotiris Pavlopoulos. The delegation was also attended by the Head of the Administrative - Financial Services Mr. George Nikolaou and the Project Manager Ms. Menia Chatzikou.

Members of the AreSS Puglia partnership project teams of the Region of Puglia, ODIPY, and the Ministry of Health.

The project team of ODIPY and the Ministry of Health (from left to right): George Schinas, George Dalakos, Angelos Rigopoulos, Charalambos Gogos, Sotiris Pavlopoulos, Karolina Akinosoglou, Herodotos Vamvourelis, Menia Chatzikou, George Nikolaou, Elpida Kyriakou.

Presentation of the Italian platform COReHealth.

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