eHealthPass is a solution developed by Gnomon Informatics SA. for patient management during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a modern multi-functional data digitization and reuse platform that provides electronic health data management by doctors, health professionals, and patients and enhances their collaboration with tools such as wireless recording of medical examinations, treatment plan, video conference, etc. In the CoofHea2 project eHealthPass will be connected to oximeters that are delivered to patients and connected to the platform through data transmission gateways, by simply "downloading" the application on the mobile phone. The user has the option to log in to the platform either via computer or via mobile. The patient informs the application about the daily activities assigned to him during the treatment plan, indicatively:

  1. Oxygen/Heart rate measurement
  2. Temperature measurement
  3. Pressure measurement
  4. Monitoring of COVID19 educational material

He also has the ability to monitor and manage his condition by viewing graphs of his measurements.